Skills for Effective Presentation



  • Planning a presentation
  • Selecting a topic to present
  • Researching a topic / gathering information
  • Important considerations before making a presentations
  • Presentation Skills while making presentations
    • How to overcome Presentation Anxiety?
    • How to avoid Distractions during presentation?
    • How to Manage Time during presentations?
    • How to concentrate on “Body Language”? (Self & audience’s)
    • How to develop the audience’s Enthusiasm to match yours?
    • How to create Presentation Opportunities?
  • Humor – How to cultivate it.
  • Preparation – The key to success
    • Audience Analysis – How to analyze audiences requirements
    • Other related home work
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Making your Presentation Memorable and Impactful



  • Practice and Cliniquing

    • Participants will develop and deliver a presentation
    • Tips on Presentation, delivery, punch line, body language, handling questions will be provided on an individualized basis.






  • Managing Games , Icebreakers, Role Playing



Note: Contents can be altered depending on the client’s needs.



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