Proactive Customer Service


Customer Service is the now the new standard by which customers judge an organization’s performance. It has become potent weapon in every business. More sophisticated customers are demanding for superior service. Quality service requires orientation of all resources and people in company towards customer’s satisfaction – not just  those who deal face to face with customers or communicate with them. No matter how much the company  spends to enhance service the expenditure will pay off only if customers and prospects are aware of the quality of service period provided. Quality must be noticeable – it must benefit clients continuously and not occasionally.

To really succeed, the pursuit of excellence in customer satisfaction  must really be an undying obsession. It requires every single  person in organization to focus their energies and their enthusiasm on not just getting it right, but improving it.



2 Sides of Customer Service

Behavioral Components in Customer Service

Basic Attributes for Service Providers

Reasons for Poor Service

Why do Customers Quit/Buy?

The Cost of Customer Service

Turn Customer Complaints into Sales


Interpersonal Skills

The Art of Listening

Guidelines for Controlling Your Temper

If Someone is Losing His Temper with You

What to do When You Are Wrong

Ways to Cope With Customers


How to C.A.R.E. for your Customers

Dimensions of Quality Service

Business Courtesy

Rapport and Effective Communication


Structured Learning Exercises,  Lecturette, Role Playing, Workshops and Group Dynamics will be used to ensure optimum learning for the participants.


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