Its been two years now  when I started conducting a Personnel Effectiveness Workshop for the employees of the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF).

The Personnel Effectiveness  is a three-day workshop which is focused on Self-Mastery, Leadership and Teamwork.
Our recent run was our 9th Batch and was conducted at Batang Peninsula Beach Resort in Himamaylan,Negros Occidental. Attended by 40 employees , the workshop ended to be a successful one.

The workshop was conducted in the spirit of fun. Several Activities were used to ensure optimum learning for the participants.

The Spider Web, activity for our Self-Mastery Module

Self mastery is the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. In other words, to be the best you can be. As a result of your efforts, you will be able to help everyone around you and become effective in your job .The rationale is,  In order for you to change the world around you, for the better, you have to change yourself for the better, along the way.

The “Verbal Wrangling”

One the activity which the activities which the participants enjoyed the most is the “Verbal Wrangling”. Participants were given a scenario and they made an informal debate regarding the choices and decisions they made. The activity gave emphasis on our different value system  and its effect in our behavior.

“Cheerdance: Everyone Gets to Participate”

Cheerdance.Who will fall asleep if the seminar has this kind of activity? The Cheerdance is one activity  used to see various elements of Teamwork. For a short period of time, the whole participants were divided into three groups and was  able to compose themselves and present a good cheerdance number.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” ~ Stephen Covey… and a successful team is the one that can tap all these differences and unite them together to achieve a similar objective. For this, active and equal participation of each and every team member is a must. The fact that each and every person has different perception, can create problems at times, but it can also be a plus point. Total participation can lead to identification of a certain approach by one team member which wasn’t identifiable by others. Not only does this approach pave way for new advances, it also brings in a sense of belonging and importance among the team members, which definitely helps in improved unity, coordination and effective team work.

The Simulation Activity  on Leadership at the Beachfront.

“Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish goals and directs an organization to make it more cohesive and coherent. A good leader takes the skills required by an effective manager, embodies the attributes of a good employee, and inspires others to mirror those qualities while aiming for more.”

Game: “Ang Galing Ko!”

The game  ”Ang Galing  Ko!” was introduce to introduce the topic on “Change and Paradigm Shift”. The game really broke the ice as “singing or dancing”  were set as part of the consequence for loosing in the game.

I would like to thank the NWTF Training Department for having me as their Resource Person.


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