Train-The-Trainer -Advance Course


Course Outline

Understanding & Applying Adult Learning Principles

• Learning Styles and How to use Them

• Identifying Appropriate Situations for Each

• Self-Assessment – What’s your Style & What to Watch for?

Understanding & Practicing Presentation Skills

• What’s the difference in Presenting, Training & Facilitation?

• Using   Anchoring & Appropriate Body Language

• Communicating with Power

• Identifying and Resolving Gaps – Exercise/Feedback

 Understanding & Practicing Facilitation Skills

• Encouraging Participation & Discussion

• Dealing with   Difficult People

• Intervention Techniques & Solutions

• Facilitating Group Exercises Successfully – Exercise/Feedback

Understanding & Practicing Training Skills

• How to be Professionally Assertive and in Control

• Structure Role Play & “Train-Backs” to Minimize Risk

• Delivery Options – Which is best?

• Keeping it Interactive: Tips and Tricks – Exercise/Feedback

Understanding & Applying Coaching and Influencing Skills

• Creating an Impact: The Principles of Influence

• Providing Coaching, Feedback & Constructive Criticism

• Power Questions – Exercise/Feedback

 Putting it All Together – Presentation & Clinicing

• Train Back of Your Content Using Layers of All Techniques Learned

• Live Feedback, Coaching & Tips

• Essence Appreciation

 Wrap Up – Evaluation & Results

• Completion of Key Takeaways, Action Plans & Evaluations

• Follow up Options (Coaching, Onsite Training, etc.)


2 thoughts on “Train-The-Trainer -Advance Course

  1. Interesting modules. I particularly liked the one about coaching. I would also suggest that perhaps you can add to this outline a set of course objectives to make it more appealing to whoever would like to join the course (“After completing this Train-the-Trainer course you will be able to: …”).

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