UNOR 3-234



Paradigm Shift ( Changing the Mind Set)

Values Clarification

The Role of the Supervisor
• The Role of the Supervisor – regarding the Company, the Team, each Team Member, performance and results
• The move from Team member to Supervisor
• My role in ensuring my Team achieves Team goals
• Ensuring the Team continuously improves
• Managing the whole role – time management & effective goal setting
• Leadership ‘Presence’ – looking like the Leader
• The Influence of Supervisor Behaviour – on the Team, on each Team Member
• The focus of the effective Supervisor

Communicating and Coaching Effectively
• Positive, motivating Supervisor language & behaviours
• Assertive Leader Behaviour vs Aggressive, Submissive or Passive Aggressive
• Listening & building mutual respect with others
• Directive Behaviour – Setting out expectations using positive language
• Coaching Behaviour – prompting questions to encourage behaviour
• The power of feedback, positive encouraging, corrective feedback
• Tools to give feedback
• Planning my behaviour to achieve the right outcome – useful planning tool
• Inspiring the Team to achieve their goals

Motivating the Team & Team Members

• What motivates, what de-motivates?
• Using Goals & Metrics to motivate – rather than de-motivating
• Setting Team Goals – planning improvement steps
• Using small Recognition rewards – to reinforce positive behaviour & increase quantity & quality of performance
• Using motivating behaviours & tools effectively
• Loyalty


The Mindset of a Leader:
• Transitioning from team member to team manager (role conflict)
• Dealing with former peers
• The characteristics of an effective leader
• The responsibilities of a manager
• ‘Thinking like a manager’

Working with each Team Member
• Bonding with each Team Member – winning respect & buy-in
• What is my ‘ideal’ Team Member – what am I building?
• Setting improvement goals
• Working one-to-one – planning & role-playing one-to-one discussions
• Handling difficult situations & challenging people (handling conflicts)w/ role play



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