Managing Teams for Maximum Performance


Course Outline:

I.   Working Together as Teams

  1. Benefits of building your team
  2. Most common reasons teambuilding fails
  3. Establish the necessary foundation
  4. Obstacles to team success

II.   Process of Building Teams

  1. Team building roles
  2. Managing different and divergent personalities
  3. Develop improved team communication skills
  4. Management elements required to support a team
  5. Common sensed motivating factors for teams
  6. stages of team building

III. Leading the Development of Cohesive Work Teams

  1. Creating a team vision
  2. Establishing team accountability and responsibility
  3. process to overcome resistance to teams
  4. Being a proactive change agent helps the forming of teams
  5. Establishing a collaborative team approach
  6. Run better and more valuable team meetings
  7. Setting clear team goals and objectives
  8. Aligning team, department and organizational goals

IV.  Managing Teams for Maximum Performance

  1. Keys to team leadership
  2. Characteristics of effective teams
  3. Effective team delegation communication
  4. Pitfalls to team delegation
  5. Resolving conflict between teams and team members
  6. Managing team behavior
  7. Giving feedback to change performance


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