Effective People Management



  • The manager
    • What makes a good manager?
    • What are the key responsibilities of a good team leader?
    • Learn how to fit the role.
  • Learn the basis of key management skills:
    • How to be an effective leader.
    • How to get your message across and make sure it’s understood.
    • How to build and recognise good team players.
  •  Effective human resource management:
    • Learn original techniques for recruitment and selection.
    • How to recognise potential and reward achievement.
    • Knowing the advantages of staff training and development.
  • Handling  difficult people:
    • A step by step guide of how to handle tricky situations without causing further conflict.
    • Dealing with bullying and harassment.
  • Managing Performance :
    • Improving staff performance.
    • Discover measures for setting recognisable performance goals.
  • Dealing with under-performance:
    • Using constructive criticism to improve performance.
  •  Developing an effective team.
    • Recognising who works best together and what they work best at.
    • Building and maintaining enthusiasm and morale within a team.

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