Executive Assistant Development Program

An executive office assistant is more than just a secretary. As an executive office assistant, you would be responsible for the efficient running of your employer’s office together with a degree of responsibility and decision-making.

Some people learn on the job however to ensure that you have the required skills, executive office assistant training is probably your best route. The idea behind this training is to give you the knowledge and skills that you need to be able to work under little or no supervision. You may report to just one person, or your skills and expertise may be available to a number of professionals within the same organization.

Administrative professionals are handling a wider variety of duties beyond strictly clerical roles. Today’s administrative professional often plans meetings and special events; works closely with vendors and suppliers; creates and gives presentations; interviews, orients, and supervises other staff; writes and edits documents; and more. This program will prepare you for all of the varied tasks you might encounter in a typical day.


Upon successful completion of the Administrative Professional   Training Program, you participants will  be able to:

Determine major business challenges and provide possible solutions

Set clear business goals and make informed decisions

Demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, and written communication

Create and deliver business presentations using visuals

Develop and train staff on effective customer service skills

Describe types of computers, input and storage devices, and networks commonly found in businesses

Understand the importance of records management

Demonstrate efficient meeting management

Develop a clear career plan and advancement strategies

 Course Contents:


Administrative Professional

The Dynamic Workplace

Workplace Team and Environment

The Virtual Workplace

Workforce Behaviors

Your Professional Image

Anger, Stress, and Time Management

Ethical Theories and Behaviors

Communication Essentials

Written Communications

Verbal Communication and Presentations

Customer Service

Technology Basics

Technology Update

Workplace Mail and Copying

Telecommunications—Technology and Etiquette

Records   Management

Managing Records

Personal Finance

Meetings and Travel

Event Planning

Travel Arrangements


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